Pearl River Deli (in the shopping plaza at 727 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012) serves incredibly delicious Cantonese food; it is worth a visit (or, in this time of the COVID-19 quarantine, a take-out or delivery order 626-400-8126).

                                  I was first made aware of this new restaurant by the Fung Brothers. They posted a video on YouTube that will give you the gist of the menu, prices, and an introduction to the dishes being served.

                                  Los Angeles’ Chinatown was first inhabited by people from the Cantonese “Pearl River Delta” region of South East China. The Cantonese language, cuisine, and culture were the starting point for most Americans understanding of what something “Chinese” was. China is a big country, with lots of different ethnic groups and regional variation. The Cantonese that travelled from their homeland to points all over the globe in the 19th Century, as the Qing dynasty was being torn apart, were just one of those groups. As the story of warfare, trade, and politics has developed we here in Los Angeles have seen waves of some of those other groups arrive in the county to blend and mix with the seed our first Cantonese inhabitants.


                                  Since 2008, my brother and I have been to many, many, dim sum restaurants to market our (now closed) bike shop. I sell the Chinese food experience in LA’s Chinatown as a bicycle tour guide to multiple dim sum restaurants. I have spent a lot of time reading about the history of the Chinese here in the United States, and internalizing a sympathetic narrative of Los Angeles’ Cantonese diaspora. I am also married in to a family with half of its members belonging to that very same diaspora.

                                  So, I get it, I may be over selling this place. I am perhaps too invested in wanting to see the food they sell and the culture thrive. All that aside, try to enter with an open mind and let the food speak for itself.

                                  I recommend the Macau Pork Chop bun.

                                  Pearl River Deli located at 727 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Phone orders to: 626-400-8126

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                                  Jeez, I gotta get that kickstand fixed.

                                  I made a little clip for the special kickstand I have installed on a Pashley bicycle I ride. It took a lot of time and effort to make, and it looks bad. However, it works really well at its job of holding the kickstand in place when I ride around. I am calling this one a success.

                                  翻过长城 – 翻过长城,看外面的世界:我是如何在国内访问被屏蔽网站的(Youtube,Google,Instagram,Facebook 等被屏蔽的网站) 怎么注册推特?怎么注册Twitter?推特账号被冻结了怎么办?怎么下载推特?国内怎么用推特? September 17, 2021 April 16, 2021 ...

                                  One of the spare racks from my parts pile (which is now long gone) got installed on a Pashley Roadster. The rack did not have its little plastic feet, and it was also missing the little clip that held the kickstand in place when you rode around.


                                  This is what the little plastic feet from the factory for the kickstand look like.

                                  国内怎么上Twitter推特? – szhlha.net 教程:2021-8-26 · Szhlha资讯:国内怎么上Twitter? Twitter(通称推特)是国外的社交网络微博网站,是全球互联网上访问量最大的十个网站之一。它可伍让用户更新不超过140个字符的消息,这些消息也被称作“推文(Tweet)”。但由于国际网络延时无法直接打开,这要用到特定连接器才能正常使用Twitter,包括且不限于Youtube ...

                                  Based on my measurements, I was able to find some polyethylene plastic feet from McMaster Carr that keep the metal tubes from scratching the ground (or being themselves scratched) and keep water out when the kickstand is not deployed.

                                  This is the snap-in polyethylene foot I found to replace the Gazelle version.

                                  The same calipers measured the outer diameter of the tubes that make up the rack where the kickstand attaches. The tubes were approximately 16mm in diameter, or about .629″. This is really close to 5/8″ (or .625″) – which is a common fractional inch drill size. Perhaps with some plastic sheeting it would be possible to drill and cut my own clip?

                                  Perhaps this was all just an excuse to use my knowledge of Dutch bicycle parts dealers,  Dutch and German words for bicycle components, and Google translate to track down images of the part I needed.

                                  Here is the missing kickstand clip with a pop rivet.

                                  I feel like a winner already.

                                  The little plastic feet are called “beschermdop klapstandaard”. The replacement part I bought was for tubing with an inner diameter of 0.46″ to 0.57″ with part number #9283K11.

                                  The clip and rivet are called “klapstandaard klem” with “pop-nagel”. You have to be sure to include  “Gazelle omafiets” in your search.

                                  McMaster Carr sells all sorts of stuff, including sheets of plastic. For $12 plus shipping and California sales tax, McMaster provided a 6″ x 6″ x 3/4″ thick sheet of Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polypropylene plastic, in black.

                                  无需伋理一样可看youtube - 云+社区 - 腾讯云:2021-1-31 · 无需伋理一样可看youtube。You2PHP支持一些基础功能:视频搜索频道搜索频道&分类内容浏览支持多种格式视频下载支持视频分辨率切换,支持720P高清视频支持字幕切换视频伋理工作原理:You2PHP脚本读取谷歌服务器上的视频并一块一块的写入 ...

                                  With some image editing software, I created a 1:1 scale image of the part I wanted as viewed from the top.


                                  国内能访问的国外的视频网站有哪些? - 知乎:2021-12-17 · “国外”、“视频网站”这样的问法范围太大,比如大名鼎鼎的TED,既来自国外也能访问http://www.ted.com/…

                                  Once printed, the paper got cut to fit the block of plastic, spray-tacked on with some 3M spray glue and everything went fine after that!

                                  This is fine. Everything is fine.

                                  Hah, yeah right. It took multiple attempts.

                                  UHMW plastic has some wonderful properties – it is impact resistant; it holds up in wet and dry conditions; it also holds up to sunlight rather well. Unfortunately, it is a real pain to cut and machine.

                                  With no router, and no mill, I tried a hand held Dremel rotary tool set to 10,000 to 15,000 RPMs with a milling bit. I could not get through the material.

                                  When the tool was bumped up to 35,000 RPMs it cut great – but left plastic fuzz everywhere and left a horrible finish on the work piece.

                                  It was really, really, difficult to control as well. I am being generous when I say using this tool to cut this plastic was a waste of time.


                                  Harbor freight drill bits and free hand milling with a Dremel? What could go wrong?! Clogged Forstner bit in foreground in this image.

                                  What worked?

                                  To ensure the clip fit the tubes, I drilled two 5/8″ holes where they needed to be. The process was: center punch, counter sink, drill with a 5/8″ Forstner bit until it spins with no chips, counter sink, drill, etc. The Forstner bit had to be hand sharpened with a file to get it in shape to cut plastic. I could have sprung for some brad point drill bits, but I think this is my first and last hand drilled plastic project.

                                  To cut the piece free from the plastic block, I found a good old hacksaw with a 32 TPI blade worked well. Once the piece was free, a utility knife to remove plastic fuzz and carve the edges did the trick.


                                  油管是什么? - PC下载网资讯网:2021-6-25 · 2.首先这个油管指的是一个视频网站,真正的名字叫做YouTube,不过在国内是无法访问 的,因为公司位于美国,在国内是无法直接访问到国外的网站的,想要访问的话,需要科学上网。 3.至于为什么被称为油管,网络上流传了两个版本,其中一个是 ...

                                  There is a pop rivet that is supposed to fix the clip in place – a 3/16″ hole is pre-drilled on the kickstand from the factory for just this purpose. First, the 3/16″ hole got drilled in my clip, then a 1/4″ Forstner bit was used to create a countersink for the aluminum pop rivet (3/16″ shaft and a .500 to .625 clamping range). It was not easy to fit the head of my pop rivet tool between the jaw of the clip. I ended up having to snip the remains of the mandrel off the rivet and hand file the nub down with a small round file.

                                  Here it is, all riveted in to place in the parked position.

                                  Here is the kickstand clip in its upright position. Look at that surface finish! Gorgeous.

                                  The clip I made looks like garbage, but it works really well. Any self-respecting bike thief would be turned away after having seen it. That is two wins for the price of one.

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                                  The brass replacement cable end installed and held up next to the other end of the cable.

                                  Years ago, I happened upon the craft of repairing Bowden control cables. A couple of old motorcycle mechanics told me not only was it possible, but they themselves used to do it all the time “back in the day”.

                                  I read up on the topic (i.e. old forum posts online) and found Flanders Cables – retailer of control cable parts and cable soldering supplies.

                                  Bowden control cables are a ubiquitous part of modern civilization. They are in absolutely everything: from baby strollers and bicycles to high end automobiles. When one end of a Bowden control cable snaps off, however, most of us out in consumer-land are out of luck when it comes to finding a replacement.


                                  Chrome浏览器用梯子后无法访问Google、YouTub(转载 ...:2021-3-12 · 被Chrome禁止访问了吗?伍下是原文——————————————原文由 wwyydd 发表在 Networking 版 苹果电脑,用的梯子可靠稳定。搭上梯子后自带的Safari浏览器可伍上Google、YouTube、Twitter等等各种网站,说明网络环境本身没有问题。

                                  On bicycles and baby strollers, brake cable inner wires are typically 1.5mm in diameter and made of either stranded galvanized or stranded stainless steel. In case you are wondering, shift cable inner wires are typically 1.2mm in diameter (Campagnolo wires are an exception – 1.1mm in diameter).

                                  There are lots of different types of control cable ends. One of the most common brake cable inner wire ends is the “barrel type”. It looks like a barrel with a hole drilled through the side. These barrels are sized to fit into special grooves in brake levers or other parts of a machine, and so come in a variety of dimensions.

                                  I used Flanders Cable part number 620-2562 as a replacement cable end for this repair.

                                  如何在Chrome浏览器中下载YouTube视频? - Chrome插件 ...:2021-11-1 · 如何在Chrome浏览器中下载YouTube视频? Chrome插件百科 2021-11-01 21:18:00 从谷歌商店下载的chrome视频下载扩展程序是无法下载YouTube的视频的,我伊这篇文章将教你在谷歌Chrome浏览器上使用扩展程序,或通过视频提取网站下载YouTube视频。由于

                                  Soldering requires some flux (a chemical paste, gel, or liquid that removes oxidation from the metal you are heating up to allow the solder to bond with it). I used some Benzomatic lead free water soluble flux I picked up at the local Home Despot. A little dab inside the pre-drilled hole in cable end worked just fine.

                                  In the image above there is also some 50% tin / 50% lead solid wire. I used this as the solder in the repair.

                                  On the work bench you can also see a blue DASCO PRO steel scratch awl. I used this to gently unwind and peen open the strands at the very tip of the steel wire inserted into the replacement cable end. Doing this prevents the wire from pulling back out of the hole in the cable end.

                                  The needle nose pliers were used to hold the work as I work the scratch awl and to hold the piece as it cooled to inspect it. The brass brush was used to clean off the slag and soot once the solder had cooled.

                                  I made a new control cable for this stroller to go with this repaired cable as a back up in case it breaks again. I still have a small supply of the bulk quantities of control cable wire, housing, ferrules, cable tips, barrel adjusters, and other fittings for bicycle control cable systems.

                                  If you have ever sweated copper you already have 100% of what you need to effect this type of repair (except for the cable end and other small control cable-specific parts – which are easy enough to obtain at bike shops or online). Jewelers can also easily handle this type of work as well.

                                  There is not much value in this sort of fixing and mending other than the good feeling you get from helping a neighbor or family member out. Job done, I suppose.

                                  Comments Off如何上YouTube?国内怎么打开YouTube观看视频?-V粉家园 ...:2021-5-14 · 小编这就教小伙伴伊上YouTube最简单的办法 话不多说,开始吧!!! 下面伍电脑端为例,我伊打开youTube,可伍看到youTube1080p毫无压力,其他网站就不再一个个的测试了!我伊在国内看视频的时候都知道,如果网速不好,看国内的视频都是有卡顿的。



                                  This image was grabbed from a Facebook group of Lincoln Heights residents.

                                  Did you know: if you are white, own a business, but weren’t born in a given Los Angeles neighborhood, people will organize to keep you from opening your doors?

                                  Sounds kind of un-American to me. There are valid reasons to oppose a brewery. The ethnicity and place of birth of the owners are not valid reasons.

                                  I remember people in Artesia trying to make the same argument about immigrants from India opening businesses in their community. I remember people in Monterey Park making the same arguments about Chinese immigrants opening businesses in their community.

                                  martinezk8stephanie@gmail.com you should be better than this; we are better than this.

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                                  My toaster oven broke. First, a buzzing noise. Next, some smoke. Out to the curb it went in the arms of my wife.

                                  I saw it sitting there and thought, “It is already broken, if I take it apart – where is the harm in that?”

                                  I take it down to my workshop. Zip, zip zip – phillips head sheet metal screws come out easy.

                                  电脑如何访问youtube-百度经验:2021-2-8 · 电脑如何访问youtube,电脑如何访问youtue,youtue里面有好多教学视频,想看这些教学视频就需要上youtue,那么电脑如何访问youtue呢?现在就一起来看一看吧


                                  I try all the bits in my inventory. No luck. I look online: wait a week and pay $20 just to open a broken toaster oven?! Heck no.


                                  【转载】下载YouTube视频的5种方法 – 学习 - 落伍老站长:今天 · 下面,笔者精选了5种最新的下载YouTube视频的方法,使用方法也非常的简单方法,我伊一起来看一看。方法一:使用桌面版下载软件 怎样下载YouTube视频?你的第一反应肯定是从网上下载一个桌面版的YouTube视频下载工具,正解!

                                  I do some math – I need to scribe a square that is about 2.1mm away from the edges of the rod. Then, I need to scribe a triangle inside that square. I use my little combination square and its scribe to do this.


                                  Next, I use a Dremel with a cut-off wheel to slice along the outside edge of that scribed triangle. Things go badly, but I still manage to get an approximate 2mm triangle cut.

                                  I spend some more time removing about 1/2″ of material to expose this triangular bit. I file down the side of the triangular bit with a square 2nd cut file.

                                  I try the bit out on a stuck screw. The head of the bit shears off.


                                  I use a file to cut down more of the rod using what remains of the sheared off triangular bit as a guide.

                                  I hold the rod in my vise and heat the rod up with some MAPP gas until the tip of the bit is glowing red. Then, I stick the glowing red bit in some motor oil to quench it.

                                  如何在Chrome浏览器中下载YouTube视频? - Chrome插件 ...:2021-11-1 · 如何在Chrome浏览器中下载YouTube视频? Chrome插件百科 2021-11-01 21:18:00 从谷歌商店下载的chrome视频下载扩展程序是无法下载YouTube的视频的,我伊这篇文章将教你在谷歌Chrome浏览器上使用扩展程序,或通过视频提取网站下载YouTube视频。由于

                                  中国国内怎么上YouTube视频网站? - 新客网:2021-6-24 · 由于某种原因,国内无法访问YouTube视频网站,下面介绍如何解决。 1、打开百度浏览器,点击箭头所指的按钮。 2、进入应用中心,搜索时空隧道。 3、点击安装按钮。


                                  I remove the back of the temperature control dial. I search for the part using all the marks stamped on the part. No luck.


                                  I use a brass brush to remove all the built up rust on the jack of the control dial. I dig through my old dynamo light wiring kit for a female slide-on connector and heat shrink tube. I find what I am looking for. I cut the end of the wire to get rid of the rusted lead and use some small gauge wire strippers I recently picked up (16 AWG stranded fits) to expose some wire. I use a crimping tool on the slide-on connector and wire. I heat the heat shrink tubing into place.

                                  Dial goes back in. Leads connected to jacks.


                                  I plug it into the workshop power outlet and turn the oven on.

                                  No sparks. No buzzing. Funny smell? No, just burning bread crumbs. The thing works again.



                                  “I regret to inform you that your toaster oven is working again.”

                                  My wife, “I was hoping to get a new one.”


                                  Toaster oven model and make:

                                  Euro-Pro X ™ Toaster Oven Four / Grille-Pain

                                  Model: TO284

                                  Fabrique en Chine

                                  Broken part:

                                  Huahui MR-39 0108 120V/15A


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                                  Bicycling advocacy in Los Angeles is getting smaller and weaker.


                                  “Defend Boyle Heights”, a social justice community group, has pilloried Metro’s bike share. The group sees bike share as a symbol of malevolent socio-economic changes in the area.

                                  The Great Social Justice Awakening

                                  Part of the weakening of bike advocacy in Los Angeles is a function of the take-over of nearly every civic issue or cause by a professional (and sometimes volunteer) class of social justice warriors. This class of people, like those swept up in previous mass religious awakenings in America, are searching for a moral cleansing of public life. As a result, practical problem solving, consensus building, historic fact and context, and measurable outcomes are overlooked. In exchange, this class of people is bestowed with self-righteous rage at whatever or whoever their various enablers point them towards. Our new moral arbiters are not the clergy or conventional religious leaders, but instead a loose confederacy of self-interested actors in the local media, non-profit, or social media sectors. They play a “Name the Racist” game that trivializes the day-to-day outcomes of public policy. Their moral narrative is incoherent as a text or direction for living a good life. Rather, it is driven by that which increases their power to purge. All who oppose them are to be purged from public life and from gainful employment. This type of religious zeal is not healthy when it comes to municipal government.

                                  For example: how can citizens begin to talk about cleaning up a local dog park when, prior to having a public discussion, everyone’s privileges must be checked, language policed, and any descriptions of reality that approach sounding like a stereotype or biased against a “protected group” are not allowed to be admitted into discourse?

                                  Colonial Politics

                                  Another significant reason for Los Angeles’ weakening bike advocacy is this city’s status as a colonial outpost for various industry, union, national and global interest groups – with a political elite that can afford to ignore basic good governance in exchange for a small piece of whatever action those interest groups break off to mostly have their way with the region.

                                  “Today is election day, and neither of the candidates for mayor seems to have noticed that the city he aspires to lead has now become a colony. The aerospace economy is gone. The city’s department stores have passed in and out of bankruptcy. The banks themselves are headquartered in Georgia and Seattle. Our remaining oil company has gone to British Petroleum. The industry of dreams – the making of movies- is owned in Australia, Canada, Japan, and New York. The Times was the last, big corporate presence that mattered by being in Los Angeles. And now, it doesn’t matter. Perhaps this is what globalization feels like, living in a place where everyone is a colonialist and among the colonized simultaneously.”

                                  • D.J. Waldie (2004) 国内能访问的国外的视频网站有哪些? - 知乎:2021-12-17 · “国外”、“视频网站”这样的问法范围太大,比如大名鼎鼎的TED,既来自国外也能访问http://www.ted.com/… (p. 35). Santa Monica, CA: Angel City Press.

                                  Villaraigosa Era Overton Window

                                  There was a moment, during the reign of LA’s former mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, that bike advocacy sidestepped the byzantine nightmare of interlocked bribes and public relations stunts required to achieve any civic goal in Los Angeles. Those glorious days are gone, but it is worth looking back to compare that era with the current one under mayor Eric Garcetti.

                                  Villaraigosa, prior to becoming a bike-centric mayor, was deemed a “failure” by Los Angeles Magazine and by many public figures as well at the time. His old-fashioned election goals (“fix traffic”, “more cops”, “balanced budgets”) went down in flames just past his election to a second term in office.

                                  Bicycle projects were an easy out to score huge public relations victories doing extremely basic, and cheap, public works that had been planned for decades. Villaraigosa also employed a middle school student body government tactic with the city council: he stacked the council with people that owed their political careers to him. He did this by sending his donors towards his picks for various city council seats.

                                  “中国YouTube”终成空,为何爱奇艺还要一意孤行-虎嗅网:2021-3-12 · 所伍从时间节点上来说,中国早早就已经拥有了自己的“YouTube”,只是这两个同时发迹的平台最终走出完全不同的历史轨迹。也几乎是从2021年开始,不断有互联网从业者跳出原来的公司,投身到打造一个“中国YouTube”的行列中。但中等时长视频的YouTube模式尚未在中国发展成规模,目前全行业日 …

                                  The value proposition for politicians flipped, however, with mayor Eric Garcetti. Garcetti is a politician completely hamstrung by the complex web of interest groups that have bought a piece of his attention. Their money has kept the city in political stasis; which, despite all the horrific outcomes that stasis entails, at least gives these large interests a predictable landscape to ply their various hustles. Additionally, mayor Garcetti was too preoccupied figuring out his next political move to employ any politically meaningful strategy with members of the council (aside from playing nice in public ceremonies). Garcetti ceded power to the council president, Herb Wesson. Wesson’s own relatively deep donor base and concentration of networked power meant he had no reason to seek cheap and easy public policy wins. Further still, he could call a few of his favorite non-profits and generate whatever positive public relations he needed without resorting to bike lanes and safe crosswalks.

                                  Some politicians still cling to the Villaraigosa play book. Mike Bonin on the Westside and Jose Huizar in Boyle Heights fully engaged the Villaraigosa strategy – seeking easy political wins available using bike projects. However, many on the council, and the mayor himself, saw only headaches, annoyance, or simply hated bicycle projects in general and owed nothing to the bicycling community.

                                  John Buntin, the author of the book “L.A. Noir: The Struggle for the Soul of America’s Most Seductive City”, once credited L.A.’s byzantine web of corruption as one of the reasons mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel left the city for Las Vegas. He’d had to bribe or blackmail the police commissioners, the city council, and mayor – but also individual station captains and LAPD division heads as well. It was a monumental headache dealing with networks of government officials all fishing for their needs to be met, the story goes, so Bugsy left for Las Vegas.

                                  In a similar way, the money and networking required to move the needle on a civic project in Los Angeles requires more than what the cycling advocacy community can muster. The bike advocacy community is a rag-tag bunch of volunteers allied with one or two local millionaires. That ain’t much in a city packed with billionaires, unions with big campaign budgets and volunteer armies, huge investment funds, and large pools of foreign real estate interests shopping for returns. Similar to colonial governors, our elected leaders in Los Angeles are fine-tuned to pick up any disturbance in the various rackets and hustles these big players need to keep their interests going; while they ignore the day-to-day lives and experiences of normal people under their control.

                                  Examples abound in many domains in Los Angeles where some local elites, or a community group, rises up, gets organized, pushes forward an entirely reasonable and often self-funded, self-directed, well planned, ready to compromise proposal, and is promptly heavily suppressed by their local politician and pilloried in the press. Sometimes the injustice done to these self-appointed advocates is spun as an outrage story in the local TV or radio news, and their project does move forward. More often than not, these nice ideas die painful deaths that forever turn away groups of motivated residents from ever engaging in public life again.

                                  The toxic stew of the social justice religious revival movement and the power that complex webs of  interest groups hold over Los Angeles’ city council and mayor mean one thing for bike projects in Los Angles: they have been, and will likely continue to be, failures.

                                  If we continue to limp forward, wounded by the insanity dominating public discourse, blind to political reality in city hall and, most importantly, ignoring the cold hard facts about bike projects in Los Angeles – the future is not very bright at all for cycling in this town.

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                                  It is time to face the facts: Los Angeles’ 3rd rate, crap-tier, bike projects have been a net negative for public safety.

                                  Two of my personal heroes in the political war to make Los Angeles more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, councilmembers Mike Bonin and Jose Huizar have made substantial positive impacts on my personal life. The bike projects they have installed have materially helped me get to work, run errands, and generally enjoy life on two wheels.

                                  The bike projects they have overseen, however, are correlated with an increase in the number of reported crashes and injuries in their districts.

                                  David L. Galts graph of reported collisions in council district 14 from 2013 to 2023.

                                  The analysis performed to reach this conclusion was done by David L. Galt and is available as a Google Doc.

                                  Mr. Galt was interviewed by Nick Richert of LA Bike Talk in a podcast reviewing his findings, methodology, and background.


                                  Google打不开?如何正确访问谷歌! – 逸香阁:2021-3-12 · 伋理工具访问 这种应该是目前使用最广泛的一种,不仅可伍利用网络伋理工具,使PC、手机加入国际互联网,现在一些路由器固件里也会添加伋理客户端,使用路由器伋理后整个局域网都可伍正常打开Google、YouTube等“特殊”网站。

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                                  The V38 “Westwood” profile rim everyone always asks about- alloy in black w. a gold pinstripe. This is also available in raw aluminum and black.

                                  Oddball Rims Available at British Bicycle Company
                                  The Flying Pigeon LA bike shop closed down in late 2016 and for the past couple of years I have been dragging boxes of oddball bicycle rims around – from storage to their final resting place in my garage. I finally had enough and worked a deal with the fine people at iphone苹果如何打开Youtube可伍用的苹果翻墙油管知乎免费 ...:解决苹果手机如何上Youtube,ipad如何打开Youtube,ios怎么注册Youtube油管,2021电脑PC端可伍用的稳定vpn账号密码翻墙软件美国香港ios苹果iphone手机梯子安卓Android节点知乎免费推荐国外付费ssr科学上网游戏视频vpn路由器账号密码 to ship them all my remaining rims  – where they are available for sale to the general public.

                                  The rim sizes and finishes are as follows:

                                  国内访问youtube免费加速 Common Name Size ETRTO Size Color and Finish Material # Holes/Spoke Gauge
                                  V38 Westwood 28×1-1/2 25-635 Silver Alloy 36-hole/14 ga.
                                  V38 Westwood 28×1-1/2 25-635 Black Alloy 36-hole/14 ga.
                                  V38 Westwood 28×1-1/2 25-635 Black w. Gold Stripe 油管youtube用什么翻墙 36-hole/14 ga.
                                  V38 Westwood 700c 25-622 Black Alloy 36-hole/14 ga.
                                  如何访问youtube 26×1-3/8 25-590 Black Alloy 36-hole/14 ga.
                                  V38 Westwood 26×1-3/8 25-590 Black w. Gold Stripe Alloy 36-hole/14 ga.
                                  ST32 28×1-1/2 22-635 Silver Chrome Steel 36-hole/14 ga.
                                  ST32 700c 22-622 油管youtube用什么翻墙 Steel 国内访问youtube免费加速
                                  RM21 28×1-1/2 21-635 Black Alloy 36-hole/14 ga.
                                  如何访问youtube 26×1-3/8 19-590 Silver Polished Alloy 36-hole/14 ga.


                                  Ryde RM19 Rim in Polished Silver

                                  我能看 youtube,但却不能上 google 和 duck duck go,难道 ...:2021-1-3 · 宽带症候群 - @cybermonster - 我是在路由器里挂$$,反正从 11 月底开始,$$就不稳定了,但不太理解的事,为什么我能看 1080P 的 youtube,却无法上 goolge,难道墙又有新的技术了?

                                  做Youtube营销 一定要看的统计数据,透过Youtube数据看 ...:2021-5-29 · 试想如果国内开放对Youtube的访问,这个数据会扩大到什么程度。 一、Youtube排名数据 Youtube成立于2021年2月,目前全球访问量排名(alexa排名)第二,仅次于排名第一的google。 一、Youtube官网数据 1. 注册用户超过20亿,用户人数占互联网用户总人数

                                  Back Story

                                  These rims were made by Ryde (a company that is also known as Rigida, Weinmann, and Van Schothorst) in the Netherlands.

                                  After years of working on old, classic, and even some antique bicycles – I recognized a strange gap in the bicycle rim marketplace here in the United States.

                                  It is relatively easy to find or fabricate parts for many of these old machines, but rims were an impossibility, and upgrading bicycle drive trains with modern internally geared hubs was beyond impossible. Manufacturers of old roadsters and imported city bikes used obsolete or uncommon (in the U.S.) spoke counts and spoke diameters. Here in the U.S., we have a big selection of bicycle hubs that can work with old-fashioned bicycles, so long as you have rims that are drilled for 36-hole hubs and 14 gauge spokes.

                                  翻过长城 – 翻过长城,看外面的世界:我是如何在国内访问被屏蔽网站的(Youtube,Google,Instagram,Facebook 等被屏蔽的网站) 怎么注册推特?怎么注册Twitter?推特账号被冻结了怎么办?怎么下载推特?国内怎么用推特? September 17, 2021 April 16, 2021 ...

                                  Not a small amount of psychic pain resulted. I actually took some of them to a metal scrapper and got paid a few bucks for bicycle parts I knew belonged on an old roadster or a refurbished Dutch bike. On the drive back home, I gave up.

                                  “This is what it feels like when a nice idea dies an expensive death.”, I thought. It has been one long, dumpster-bound, slide for all my nice ideas from the previous decade, so what difference is another one finally going down with a sad metallic crunch?

                                  I used ratchet straps to tie down rim boxes in my bakfiets and made multiple trips to Fedex to get them all shipped to British Bicycles.

                                  Then a message popped up in my inbox, and British Bicycles was interested. It was over the course of about a week and a half that I strapped rim boxes to the front of my bike and rode to the nearest Fedex shipping center. They finally arrived a few days ago in Phoenix – awaiting a project bike, restoration, or repair on an “obsolete” bicycle somewhere out there in the U.S.

                                  Get in touch with British Bicycle Company in Phoenix, Arizona about these oddball rims that offer old bikes another chance at glory (I stole that line from Coco’s Variety store owner Peter V.)

                                  Comments Off on Our Oddball Dutch and English Roadster Rims are at British Bicycle Company in Arizona


                                  We stopped hosting the “Get Sum Dim Sum Ride” years ago; but now, after many months of research and test rides, in collaboration with LA Cycle Tours, I am proud to announce that the Get Some Dim Sum Tour is now live on the LA Cycle Tours web-site!


                                  Back in August of 2008, Flying Pigeon LA co-founder Adam Bray-Ali had a genius idea after brainstorming with his friend Huy Tran: promote Flying Pigeon bicycles with a weekly ride to a dim sum restaurant.

                                  The ride was a great way to introduce Flying Pigeon bicycles to new people, and to help spread the idea of riding a bike in the city as a fun way of socializing. The experience of trying tons of different dim sum restaurants was an excellent bonus.


                                  The Get Sum Dim Sum Ride was featured in March of 2009 by Sunset Magazine. Image by Chris Lechinsky.

                                  Sunday after Sunday, we marshaled our bikes, rallied our customers and fans (many of whom became close friends over the months, and then years), and headed out to a dim sum restaurant. The ride, and our shop, got picked up in the local and national news. We were a featured story in Sunset magazine. The idea was a hit!

                                  如何通过YouTube实现财富自由?-陈默营销外推:2021-6-12 · Youtube目前已经成为许多外国人在家赚钱的好方法伍及自由职业者扎堆的不二平台,尤其是越来越多的网红、KOL的崛起,95后、00后通过自己的博主事业年入百万的事迹被疯狂报道之后,越来越多的人开始对YouTube的收益兴趣不已,现在再给大家细化一下各大视频内容平台获得收益的方式,于是 …



                                  Art and I met through the social bike ride scene in LA. We have both organized and participated in hundreds (thousands?) of group rides over the years. We also share a common bond: we love this city, and we love to show people how wonderful it is to experience it on two wheels.

                                  Art has been running a LA Cycle Tours for several years – making a living doing what he loves. His most popular tour is the Taco Tour in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The question came up between us: could a similar ride for LA’s amazing selection of Chinese food, history, and culture be done?

                                  We dug in to researching the story of the Chinese in America, the history of the tea house in China, the history of tea, the origins of dim sum, the names and varieties of the dishes, and the history of Los Angeles’ Chinatown. We also ate a ton of bao, dumplings, noodles, duck, pork, and even a few chicken feet while we zeroed in on the best way to both tell a story about a community and share some of the best food from small, family owned, businesses in town.

                                  The result of our collaboration is the Get Some Dim Sum Tour!

                                  We have scheduled a bunch of tours for January of 2023, and are working out our schedule for the first quarter of the year now. The price of the tour includes the use of LA Cycle Tours’ bicycles, helmets, and covers all the food. You can check out the Get Some Dim Sum Tour schedule here.

                                  Comments Off on Return of the Get Sum Dim Sum ride!

                                  Whither #bikela without Huizar?


                                  Jose Huizar being interviewed and photographed at the opening of the York Blvd. bike corral in February of 2011. Image by Richard Risemberg.

                                  In 2023, Jose Huizar will be termed out of office. His wife has recently dropped her bid to replace him.

                                  To call the end of Jose Huizar’s term in office a “crisis” for the cycling community is a HUGE understatement. In 2021, one year after the CD 14 election, the city will be redistricted again. Removing the support of the chair of the Planning and Land Use Committee, and the sole council member representing the core of DTLA, and handing that power to someone else (we know not whom) could be a big, gigantic, step backwards for bike projects and pedestrian friendly street projects.

                                  We need to figure this out, #bikeLA – which candidates are (1) the likely winners of the CD 14 election; and, (2) which of those candidates should we organize to support?

                                  As weak and ineffectual as the #bikeLA community has become, this is do or die. This is as dramatic a threat as the (failed) recall against Mike Bonin was.

                                  I look forward to discussing potential candidates and an overarching strategy to help the best candidate for our interests win the 2023 election.

                                  Jose Huizar, you are owed a massive thank you for saving lives, making our communities safer spaces to walk, scoot, ride a bike and simply be happier healthier people.

                                  Time to get together and work.

                                  国内怎么上Twitter推特? – szhlha.net 教程:2021-8-26 · Szhlha资讯:国内怎么上Twitter? Twitter(通称推特)是国外的社交网络微博网站,是全球互联网上访问量最大的十个网站之一。它可伍让用户更新不超过140个字符的消息,这些消息也被称作“推文(Tweet)”。但由于国际网络延时无法直接打开,这要用到特定连接器才能正常使用Twitter,包括且不限于Youtube ...

                                  Comments Off on Whither #bikela without Huizar?
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                                    • 如何快速访问国外网站?_访问国外网站的方法 - MPLS VPN ...:2021-3-11 · 由于中国CN法规的限制,长城防火墙的原因,国内用户要访问twitter、facebook、youtube等等网站是被禁止的。伍及国际出口方面的限制,很多伋业正常的国外网站业务访问也受到很大因素的影响 …
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